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Pumps & Valves

Go With the Flow

Recognizing the unique needs of the pump and valve industry, we produce a large variety of castings for both clean and dirty water applications. From supporting municipalities with valves used for drinking water, to assisting clean-up crews with pumps for removing flood waters, we have the capacity and the expertise to deliver parts that get the job done.

Parts on Consignment

To keep costs and inventory manageable, we offer a consignment program that will help support growing and fluctuating markets. We use our clients’ forecasts to build parts needed immediately as well as hold inventory until it’s needed. Then upon request, we ship the part. 

Benefits of our Pump and Valve Programs

  • Castings for use in clean and dirty water applications
  • Flexible capacity for one to 8,000 parts per year
  • Consignment options to keep inventory low and free up working capital
  • Consistent, repeatable process for reliable parts