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The Value of Partnering With Elyria Foundry

No matter your program requirements, we have the expertise and capacity to meet your needs.

From process documentation to make repeatable, high-quality parts to services designed to keep costs down, our job is to make your job easier and ultimately, to help you be successful.

Elyria Foundry serves international clients with gray and ductile iron castings of any level of complexity, from 20-200,000 lbs. Our significant melting and pouring capacity, combined with more than a century of experience, enables us to satisfy the most demanding specifications to produce some of the world’s largest, most highly engineered castings.

Dig Deeper

Learn more about how our capabilities and services can help you be successful. 

Casting Plant

High Quality Castings from a Single Source

Engineering & Metallurgy

Our manufacturing engineers, foundry engineers and metallurgists are some of the best in the business.

Kanban, Stocking & Consignment

We offer custom solutions tailored to your requirements for Just In Time (JIT) and lean manufacturing. 

Pattern Robot

Greater flexibility for parts changes and faster turnaround times

Quality & Testing

State-of-the-art testing ensures you receive the highest quality parts every single time.


We work with a diverse array of materials such as foam, wood or urethane patterns, as well as printed cored, which can eliminate the need for a pattern