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A Century of Experience. A Variety of Industries.

Elyria Foundry has been around for a long time. But that doesn’t mean we’re stale or set in our ways. In fact, we take pride in building on a solid foundation of knowledge by continually learning and evolving. 

That adaptability makes it possible to quickly understand and solve the problems in a variety of markets and applications. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative, high-quality programs that meet the needs of modern manufacturing. 

Agriculture, Off-Highway & Construction Equipment

High-quality iron castings for long-lasting equipment


Technical expertise to meet the extraordinary needs of the U.S. military


Solutions for the unique needs of the chiller market

Power Generation

Technology know-how for a variety of applications


Parts for greater cost savings, shorter lead times

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, there’s no wiggle room for faulty parts.

Pumps & Valves

We produce a large variety of castings for both clean and dirty water applications