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Power Generation

Power Moves

When it comes to power generation parts, the sky’s the limit. Literally.

Parts such as wind turbines and bases, gear casings and housings can be extremely large, and require significant tensile strength and integrity as well as low temperature charpy requirements. Our experts have helped solve challenges in the mechanical, electric, hydraulic and wind industries, among others.

Hodge Foundry is capable of producing the largest parts in North America, which means we can handle any power generation project. We excel at casting parts up to 200,000 lbs., as few as one per year or up to 400 parts per year.

Go With the Pros

Our engineers and foundrymen are well versed in the challenges that the power generation industry faces.

We create parts with the strength and resilience required to maintain durability under harsh conditions and heavy loads.

We’ve provided a number of parts including sluice gates, gate barrels and others up to 100 tons for the hydropower industry. Our porosity-free ductile iron is the perfect material for moving parts that rotate, oscillate or slide — particularly gears, pinions, worms and related parts requiring a sound uniform casting for precision machining.