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Pattern Robot

Faster Turnaround and More Flexibility

Using a Pattern Robot Helps Us Help You

Our CNC pattern robot produces patterns with extremely complex contours and planer geometry while minimizing the use of paper drawings. With the Elyria Foundry pattern robot, you have greater flexibility for parts changes and faster turnaround times, so you can make adjustments anytime you need to.

The pattern robot digitally stores designs, reducing the cost of storing traditional tooling. We use the Del Sol ROBOMOLDER, which enables us to go straight from a solid model to a sand mold without using an intermediary pattern. That means you can have a casting in days instead of weeks. 

  • Articulating arm moves on 6 axes for accurate, complex designs
  • Significantly reduce pre-production lead times
  • Convenient for one-off castings or rapid prototyping
  • Flexibility to change elements of the pattern easily